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Game Rules

General rules

  • Rule 1
    Don't use offensive language to people you don't know. We support freedom of speech but keep in mind that this site is our private domain. You are allowed to speak your thoughts but please keep your posts decent. Flaming and hate posts on the messageboards will result in an official warning by the Game Coordinators.
    If someone does not follow these rules and ignores the official warning then we will have to take measures which can vary from deleting turns to banning accounts. In other words, don't abuse your rights, respect them.

  • Rule 2
    Using multiple countries or having multiple game accounts is strictly forbidden. Only use one game account in total. With one game account you are able to create a country in every server which brings us to the next rule. Only play one country per server. 
    If we catch people breaking these simple rules for whatever reason then this might result in the suspending or banning of all countries and accounts involved. If you have been suspended and you somehow feel that you are not guilty then email the Game Coordinators why you might have been suspended. 
    Please keep in mind that we are human too. If you are asked to give an explanation, just be honest and tell us the entire story. After hearing your side of the story we will judge whether this is a good explanation or not.

  • Rule 3
    Don't use bots to play. You are free to use any pre-calculation tools, but don't use any bots to scan the market prices or anything. Play yourself, that's nothing but fair to your opponents.

  • Rule 4
    Ruining the gameplay for others might result in the suspending or even banning of your account.
    Things that are not allowed are:
    • "Suiciding", which is killing someone, often at random, by doing many attacks in a short time, without any war going on. Usually the suicider just gives up his chances on a good ranking.
    • "Cross-server attacking", which is attacking a player in Game Server B, for having a fight with him in Game Server A.
    Be aware that politics play an important role in team and group server. This will lead to alliances, but also to wars.

    General note
    If you feel that a player breaks one of these rules, let us know, this game should be played to have fun and to compete with other internet users on a friendly level. Cheating, cursing etc. will be dealt with firmly. We will check every serious accusation, if you are able to prove to us that someone is breaking any of these rules then we will check his/her account and take steps against him/her if necessary.

Server specific rules

  • Rules and Settings for Server Team Server

    Team Winning Criteria

    Get the best Overall Result. This is calculated according to this formula:
    Overall Score = (TeamNetworth)/10000 + (TeamLand) + (TeamPoints)/750

    Individual Winning Criteria
    Get the highest Networth in one month

    150 Neutral turns for new players.
    150 Turns max. stored.
    20 Minutes per Turn.
    Teams allowed.
    3 Profile switches allowed

  • Rules and Settings for Group Server

    Winning Criteria

    Get the highest ADJUSTED Networth in one month. Adjusted networth is calculated by taking half your own networth and adding the average networth of the top 3 of your group.

    Adj. NW = (OwnNW) + ((Sum TOP3 Group NW) / 3)

    Average networth will be calculated by adding the networth of the top 3 active players (ranked by networth) and dividing this number by three. (active players are players who have more than 15.000 points).

    200 Neutral turns for new players.
    200 Turns max. stored.
    15 Minutes per Turn.
    Groups are compulsory
    4 Profile switches allowed

  • Rules and Settings for Tournament Server

    Winning Criteria
    Become the largest country (NW) in your level

    250 Neutral turns for new players.
    250 Turns max. stored.
    15 Minutes per Turn.
    No Teams Allowed.
    4 Profile switches allowed

    Server specific rule
    This server is an individual, it is strictly forbidden to gang up against other players. So no organized attacks and kill runs. There are NO TEAMS and you are expected to play like an individual on this server. On this server you are supposed to find a way to meet the winning criteria as soon as possible. You are encouraged to take out your opponents with normal attacks, special attacks, seals and missiles. If you are caught making a deal with someone about exchanging special attacks to both gain score this will result in deletion of BOTH accounts. Of course you are allowed to attack someone as much as possible, just don't make any alliances. Play on your own and fight like a maniac.


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